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Uncover more awesome treasures than you could ever find on your own, because the whole community's chipping in.



It's all in one location, categorized and searchable. Goodbye "31 Incredible Top Ten Lists" Lists.

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What the Community Is Saying


"Chewing on socks and barking at the mailman is something that I have always suspected was in my nature, maybe something all dogs carry. But as a "smart breed," a Ridgeback is called to a higher standard and that's why I spend my time online at Design Basement."

— Augustus XCII, via Twitter

"I used to be in a basement. I sat in a cold, damp corner and was always afraid someone would try to pick me up and I would come apart due to my wet, molded frame. The moment I got to Design Basement? Literal box heaven. "

— Cardboard Box
Iron Gilly

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoy ironing. When I was young my mamma called me Iron Gilly on account of my affection for pressed clothing. But I always hid a secret, I love something more than ironing and my guilty pleasures are the resources on Design Basement."

— Iron Gilly

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